My team and I are looking for a few more yoga professionals to partner with... that I can personally help them...add $10,000+ clients to their business that renew month after month.
Watch This Short Video To Learn How To Boost Your full time Yoga Teaching Month After Month with My Proven System. 
After working with thousands of students, hundreds of Yoga teachers, and dozens of  yoga school entrepreneurs...
.... I can help you work with private clients who continually commit to growth and renewal and pay in advance for monthly engagements up to $1,000, $3,000 or more giving you the freedom to live a balanced Yoga life with your dream schedule and income. 
"I needed a boost.I needed somebody to give me back my confidence and I needed direction. The course was a complete delight. Very intelligently, Kiki had designed a template for all of us to use professionally. 

I saw clearly when I took myself seriously my clients started to take me seriously. With Kiki’s course and coaching I had all the tools and the competency."

“Within 2-3 weeks I got a new client that paid for the course."

"It’s about learning to run a business, to value yourself, and value your clients."

"Kiki showed me how I can have my Yoga life and it can actually be to a schedule."

“She’s going to give you the strategies so that you can become successful in your professional life.”

This is an amazing system to work with in delivering a successful Yoga and wellness program for my clients. It’s been the potential for financial freedom. It feels amazing to believe in and value myself and my gift. I’ve felt more positive about making changes in my career and an increase in my confidence as a teaching professional. 


“Thank you so much for your guidance through these last several weeks. I feel transformed. I have a plan. I am motivated to get this going and be successful, find inner peace in offering what comes from my heart and soul. I am brining my talents together as one, having a clear structure in what I offer to my clients.”

The Testimonial Wall Continues...